To support the sales efforts of Visit Salt Lake by increasing the awareness of Salt Lake as a viable destination for conventions and tourism. The department strives to take innovative approaches to the marketing of Salt Lake through proactive communication efforts, advertising, content creation, social media and the creation of "value enhancing" marketing programs. 


Earned Media:

Generate the equivalent advertising value of $14,716,363, or a 5% increase over the 2017 total, worth of positive earned media, including both national and local media outlets, about Salt Lake as a convention and tourism destination.  Ski City earned media will inclusive of the $14.7 million total goal but will be tracked separately and will have a goal to generate the equivalent advertising value of $4.95 million.

Content Development:

Generate 8 new content articles monthly across all web properties for a total of 96 new articles that can be promoted through web, e-mail and social media.

Website Traffic:

Increase visits to VisitSaltLake.com by 5% over the 2017 year-end total, to more than 2,494,481 total visitor sessions on the main, mobile and booking websites.

Ski City Website: 

Increase visitation to the SkiCity.com by 5% over the 2017 year- end total to more than 247,522 visitor sessions.

E-mail Contact Database:

Visit Salt Lake has an active database (Opened e-mail at least once over a 12-month period) of about 90,000 e-mail addresses.  Goal will be to increase active e-mail address database by 10% in 2017 and maintain a minimum 20% open rate across all e-letters.

Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass Sales:

Increase the number of Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass days sold via hotels, attractions and online channels by 10% over the total of 2017 year-end total to more than 40,000 days sold.