Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and client interaction, thereby benefiting the planner, the attendees, and Visit Salt Lake members, making it easier to retain our high value clients, and enhance the positive perception about Salt Lake as a destination.


Convention Survey Score: 

  • Achieve a minimum Post Convention Client Satisfaction Survey average score of 4.8 (of a possible 5).

Stella Award/ Hall of Fame: 

  • Achieve the Stella Honor in Excellence Award (formerly known as the M&C Gold Service Award) for the 25th year, and maintain membership in the M&C Gold Award Hall of Fame.

Attendance Building: 

  • Discuss Visit Salt Lake’s complimentary attendance-building services with all incoming citywide conventions, with a target implementation rate of 75%.

Client Outreach Events: 

  • Conduct Quarterly Outreach Events to enhance Visit Salt Lake’s relationship with in-state repeat clients.


SPCC Visitors Center:

  • The Visit Salt Lake Visitor’s Services will meet, greet and service over 75,000 visitors through the calendar year of 2020 in the Visitors information center.

Mobile Visitors Center:

  • Visit Salt Lake Visitor’s Services will appear with the Ski City Airstream at 25+ locations both locally and in regional states during 2020.

Visitor Center Kiosks:

  • Visit Salt Lake Services team will integrate 6 Visitor kiosks through the Visitor Center, Salt Palace, Mountain America Expo Center and Ski City Airstream trailer.

Visitor Center Concierge Events:

  • Visitors Services will host quarterly events focused on concierge education and connectivity with their services.

#AskVSL Text/Chat Visitor Services:

  • Visit Salt Lake will integrate text/chat communication that will utilize Artificial Intelligence to answer questions from visitors. Visitors Services staff will monitor and highjack conversations as they occur. This will be prevalent across Web, Visitor Kiosks and hashtag usage across Salt Lake County.