To maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and client interaction, thereby benefiting the meeting planner, the convention attendee, visitors and bureau members, making it easier to retain our high value clients and increase the positive perception about Salt Lake as a destination.


Convention Survey Score: 

Maintain Post Convention Survey score average of 4.8 or higher.

M&C Gold Award/ Hall of Fame: 

Achieve the Meetings and Conventions Gold Service Award for the 24th year and maintain membership in the M&C Gold Award Hall of Fame.

Social Media Attendance Promotion: 

Promote Social Media Attendance Promotion to all incoming Citywide Groups, with a 70% adoption rate.

Mobile Visitor Center:

Visitor Services will staff and promote the Ski City brand, provide restaurant and attraction information at 10 specifically selected in-state special events, sports contests, movie premieres, etc.

Visitor Information Center Awareness: 

Produce 4 Quarterly Visitor Center Awareness Events.

Concierge Events: 

Host 4 Quarterly Concierge Events

  • 1Q—Ski Activity
  • 2Q—Connect Pass
  • 3Q—Walking Tours
  • 4Q—U of U Spirit Promotion.

Client Outreach Events: 

Conduct Quarterly Outreach Events to In-State Repeat Clients.

*Work with Sundance Film Festival to expand Festival Presence in Salt Lake through programming and other means.

*New performance measure for 2018.